The Athlete Watch

The Athlete Watch is a pro-active leadership course in college recruiting for all student-athletes, parents, coaches and counselors. TAW is not a recruiting service.

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Screen shot: My Locker Room

My Locker Room is a student-athletes' guide to their athletic future! The Athlete Watch has designed a user friendly and highly functional dashboard for student-athletes to build, update and maintain their student-athlete profile. Learn more about My Locker Room.

You need all A's for an Athletic Scholarship:

Academics – Grades to get into college and your desire to earn a degree.

Athletic ability – Necessary skills along with your hard work.

Ability to market yourself – Get your name in front of college coaches.

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Johnny Quinn on a kick-off return vs. LSU

“I led the state of Texas in receptions and finished second in receiving touchdowns my senior year in high school. I was a First Team All-State selection – an honor given to the top two receivers in Texas. I had the stats, I had the awards, and did not receive a scholarship offer until TWO DAYS before signing day!" Read Johnny Quinn's recruiting journey.

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